This Transaction Has Gone Up In Smoke, Part 2

| Working | December 1, 2013

(I’m 19, and the legal age to buy cigarettes in Australia is 18. The cashier in the supermarket has sold me cigarettes many times and every cashier in this store knows I am over 18.)

Me: “Hi, can I get a carton of [Brand] cigarettes, please.”

Cashier: “Okay, can I see some ID?”

(I hands over valid driver’s license.)

Cashier: “I’m sorry, but I can’t sell you these.”

Me: “Um, why not?”

Cashier: “You’re not 18.”

Me: “…yes I am.”

Cashier: “No, you’re only 17.”

Me: “I was born in 1994. It’s 2013; I’m 19.”

Cashier: “No, that makes you 17.”

(This goes on for a few minutes before she finally realizes I am 19.)

Cashier: “Oh! You are 19. But I still can’t accept this.”

Me: “Why now?”

Cashier: “Uh… It’s a fake ID.”

Me: “No, it’s not. It’s a valid driver’s license.”

Cashier: “No. No, it’s not. It’s clearly fake.”

Me: “I… can I speak to the manager please?”

Cashier: *sighs* “I suppose.”

(The cashier calls the manager. The line behind me is getting pretty long.)

Manager: “What’s the problem?”

Cashier: “This girl here has given me a fake ID! Not only is it clearly a fake, but she’s trying to tell me she’s 19 when her birthday on here says she is only 17.”

Manager:*takes my ID* “God d*** it, [Cashier]! She is 19! Anyone born in 1994 is now 18 or over! And her ID is not fake! How many times am I going to have to tell you this today? Give the customer her smokes and let her go.”

(The cashier slowly scans each of the four packs and tries charging me for them individually, which works out more expensive. After correcting her and paying the proper price I go home. Once home I realize she’d given me only one packet correct, and the other three were wrong. I no longer buy my cigarettes from that store.)


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