Sub-Standard Sub-Service

| Working | November 30, 2013

(I am attending an event next door. I order a steak sub to go. I leave for a moment, and return just before my order is ready. The employee calls out my name. Before I can get to the counter another customer rushes up, grabs the bag, and walks out. The employee immediately disappears into the kitchen area. The customer comes back in with the sub unwrapped, slams it down on the counter, and yells.)

Customer: “I ordered BREADSTICKS! You ALWAYS mess up my order!”

(The employee looks at it, puzzled. I chime in.)

Me: “That’s because it was my order.”

Employee: “Oh.” *hands it to me* “Well, take it then.”

Me: “I’m not interested in taking a sandwich that another customer has already unwrapped and mangled.”

Employee: “If it was your order why didn’t you take it?”

Me: “She beat me to it. Shouldn’t you double check that it’s the right person grabbing the bag?”

(The employee sighs, and apologizes to the breadstick customer, but not to me.)

Employee: *wearily* “Now I’m going to have to re-make the sub.”
Me: “Well, yeah…”

(I’m starving, and also missing more of the event next door than I’d planned to miss just to grab a sandwich. The customer gets her breadsticks, with another apology, and leaves. Finally I get my sandwich; with no apology, of course. As I walk out, I hear the employee.)

Employee: “Geez, we made her sandwich twice and she didn’t even say thank you.”

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