This Employee Is Beyond Help

| SC, USA | Working | April 5, 2013

(Note: I am female and drive a car that has seen better days. It currently has a very slow water leak and occasionally overheats as a result. I have stopped at a convenient restaurant parking lot to let it cool before opening the radiator cap. This occurs just after I’ve come back outside after buying a drink.)

Female Employee: “I saw you open your car hood! You must need help.”

Me: “No ma’am, I’m just letting it cool before I fix the problem.”

Female Employee: “No dear, it’s no problem really! You just need a man to help you fix it; let me go get [male employee]!”

Me: “No, really—”

(She turns and briskly walks to the door to the kitchen and shouts for her coworker. He comes out a few moments later.)

Male Employee: “What’s the problem?”

Female Employee: “This woman’s car broke down and she needs help.”

Me: “Ma’am, excuse my rudeness, but I do not need help. I only came inside to get a drink while I wait for my car to cool down enough to safely remove the radiator cap. I have a canister of water and have had to do this before; I am completely capable of taking care of such a minor inconvenience.”

(The male employee looks at me, then back to the female employee and just shakes his head.)

Male Employee: “I’m clearly not needed here.”

Female Employee: “But she’s a woman! You have to help her with—”

Male Employee: “No, I do not need to help someone who is capable of helping themselves. Don’t call me out here for something like this again. Try listening to the customer next time before assuming that she needs help just because she lacks a penis.”

Me: *quietly* “Thank you!”

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