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This Dream Got Off On The Wrong Foot

| Related | June 23, 2015

(I broke my foot the Monday before I had my wisdom teeth out. I still went ahead with the dental procedure, during which they put me under because I can’t deal with being awake for all of that. I finally come fully alert at home, after which my family relays the day’s escapades.)

Mom: “You started to wake up before they were done, so they had to give you an extra dose. You slept through most of the day.”

Sister #1: “Yeah, you should have seen Mom and me trying to get you out of the car and up the stairs into the house.”

Sister #2: “And then you kept pulling your gauze out so Mom had to fix it because we were too grossed out to.”

Mom: “And then you got up to go to the bathroom, but you were walking on your foot. You were holding your crutches but just in your hands, so [Sister #1] told you to use them.”

Sister #1: “Except you just yelled “I’M FINE!” and threw your crutches at me, then stomped off to the bathroom. Is your foot okay after all of that?”

Me: “…I think so?”

(They’ve still never let me forget it!)

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