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They Scored A Triple ‘F’

| Learning | August 26, 2016

(I’m on the bus passing F. Rooseveltplaats which translates as F. Roosevelt Square when I overheard following:)

Teenager #1: “Yeah, you know, the “F” stands for “Franklin” and I researched this guy. He was an American president, you know.”

Teenager #2: “Don’t you mean Theodore Roosevelt? Maybe it is Theodore Franklin Roosevelt?”

Teenager #1: “No, it’s Franklin; maybe there are two presidents Roosevelt?”

Teenager #2: “The only other Franklin I know is Benjamin Franklin. Maybe the square is named after the two of them.”

Teenager #1: “Maybe.”

Teenager #2: “You know, Franklin invented the kite.”

Teenager #1: “Really?”

Teenager #2: “Oh, yeah. For us, a kite is nothing but back then, they didn’t have much for entertainment and it was quite a big deal.”

(This was as much as I could handle but fortunately my stop was up.)

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