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The Muppets Dissected

| Learning | August 27, 2016

(We are in physics class, a practical that involves rubbing rods with various materials.)

Teacher: *after explaining practical* “Remember, boys tend to do better at this than the girls.”

(All of our jaws drop hearing a teacher say this. The teacher holds up a small price of light green felt.)

Teacher: “All right, the first material is a dissected Muppet.”

(We start the test, but I find that my piece of felt is light blue.)

Me: “Look, I got Sam The Eagle.”

Friend: “No, that’s Cookie Monster.”

(We begin debating over who the felt is. The teacher walks over.)

Me: “[Teacher], is this Sam The Eagle or Cookie Monster?”

Teacher: “That’s definitely Sam.”

Me: “Thank you!”

(My friend makes an overdramatic frown.)

Teacher: *to friend* “You think you feel stupid? I told the Muppet joke to the advanced class, and I heard someone say ‘What’s a Kermit?’”

(My friend and I still can’t understand how someone had gone through fourteen years of life and never heard of Kermit The Frog.)

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