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There’s No Business Like Somebody Else’s

| Learning | October 26, 2013

(I’m teaching a class of sixth graders. I have caught one of them texting.)

Me: “[Student #1], I need your phone. That’s the second time you’ve been caught. Your parents will have to come pick it up.”

Student #1: “Why!? I don’t want my parents to know I got caught!”

Student #2: “Ooh, you’re in so much trouble! Your momma’s gonna whip your behind! You’re gonna get a beat down!”

Me: “[Student #2], why do you care what his repercussions are going to be?”

Student #2: “What do you mean? This is my business!”

Me: “Do you like it when people get all up in your business?”

Student #2: “No, it’s my business. They have no right to be up in it.”

Me: “Then why are you trying to get all up in his business?”

Student #2: “It’s different!”

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