Their Lack Of Professionalism Is Jaw Dropping

| Working | December 11, 2015

(I am 11 and need braces. My mom has taken me to the local orthodontist for a consultation. My mom’s face is slightly crooked, but most people don’t notice it. Just a quirk she was born with.)

Orthodontist: *to my mom* “What the h*** happened to you?!”

Mom: *very confused and taken aback* “What?”

Orthodontist: “Your face is crooked! What is wrong with you? You need to fix your face!”

Me: “There’s nothing wrong with her face! Her jaw is just a little less symmetrical than most.”

Orthodontist: *to me* “You’re lucky you didn’t get that messed up jaw. Talk about a freak show!”

(My mom was in shock and near tears at this point, so I got up and led her out of the office telling the orthodontist we’d be going elsewhere. We ended up finding an orthodontist in a city a three-hour drive away, but the transit was worth it to have a respectful and thorough professional work on my teeth!)

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