The Whole Family Is On Acid

| Switzerland | Learning | July 25, 2015

(I’ve just started my very first chemistry class, and we’re doing an experiment. The teacher hands out small containers of different liquids.)

Teacher: “Be careful, everyone. As you can see, some of these contain corrosive acids which could cause injury if you spill them on your skin. So make sure you handle them carefully.”

(We set to work. I’ve never seen real acids before, so I’m fascinated.)

Me: *to my friend* “I wonder what would happen if I stuck my finger in very fast…”

Friend: “Don’t do that. You heard the teacher, it could hurt you.”

(I shrug and before anyone can stop me, I dip the tip of my finger into the acid. It doesn’t hurt much, just a dull ache. Five minutes later, though…)

Me: *excitedly* “Hey, look! The skin is coming off my finger!”

Teacher: “What’s going on here?”

Friend: “[My Name] stuck her finger in the acid… and now her skin is peeling off.”

(The teacher rushes over, looks at my finger and sends me to the school nurse at once. Luckily for me, it turns out not to be serious, and after this I learn not to play with corrosive substances. Then, three years later, my younger sister ends up with the same chemistry teacher, and they do the same experiment.)

Teacher: “Listen up, everyone. Three years ago, a girl stuck her finger in acid and I had to send her to the school nurse. You don’t want to be that girl, so do as I say and don’t touch the acids.”

(My sister chuckles, knowing that was me, then gets on with the experiment. Like me at her age, she has never seen real acids before, and since curiosity runs in the family…)

Sister: “I know we’re not supposed to touch it, but have you ever wondered what acid smells like?”

Sister’s Friend: “Yeah, but… Wait, no! Don’t do that!”

(Before she can be stopped, my sister picks up the container and takes a big whiff.)

Sister: “Hmm, it tickles. Does anyone have a tissue?”

(She blows her nose, then freezes, staring at the tissue. Just then, the teacher happens to walk past her desk.)

Teacher: “What’s up?”

Sister: “Um… I smelled the acid and, um… Now my snot is black.”

(Once again, the teacher freaks out and sends her to the school nurse. As she leaves the classroom, he asks:)

Teacher: “What did you say your name was?”

Sister: “It’s [Name], why?”

Teacher: *shaking his head* “I should’ve guessed… you’re [My Name]’s sister.”

(I wonder if he still tells his students about the two sisters who, three years apart, disregarded his warnings and ended up with the school nurse.)

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