Kite-Running Off Your Mouth

| Learning | July 26, 2015

(For a project based on the book The Kite Runner, two of my classmates have made paper kites decorated to represent the story. It should be noted that I go to a Catholic school.)

Teacher: *after the presentation on the kites ends* “All right, show us how they fly!”

Student #1: “Um, we didn’t make them to fly.”

Teacher: “Come on, come on, let’s see it.”

Student #2: “It’s not going to work.”

Teacher: “You made kites; let’s fly them!”

Student #1: “We could try it out the window, I guess.”

(They try it. Sure enough, the heavy kites both drop like rocks and end up in the bushes outside the school. A month or so later, another class is doing projects on the same book. Someone brings in his project before my class begins.)

Student #1: *as teacher enters* “Mrs. [Teacher], someone brought in his Kite Runner project.”

Teacher: “Thank you. Hey, did I ever tell you about those kites that were duds? These students supposedly made kites, but…”

(She continues the story. We are all squirming uncomfortably.)

Student #2: “Uh, Mrs. [Teacher]… that was us.”

Teacher: “Oh, my god! That was you! I, uh, I don’t usually talk about you guys… Let’s start class. Someone pray.”

Student #2: *solemnly* “Dear Lord, please help us not to make fun of others’ kites. Amen.”

(He got away with it. The teacher must have been really embarrassed to be caught gossiping!)

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