The Teacher’s Logic Is Lopsided

| VA, USA | Learning | April 6, 2017

(There is one desk in our class that’s very lopsided since the legs are uneven. A classmate walks in to find that he’s the lucky guy that has to sit at that desk. This desk is all the way across the class from the door that connects to the next classroom, which is currently empty.)

Classmate: “Um… [Math Teacher]? My desk is like… well… this.” *points to desk*

Math Teacher: *laughs* “That’s what you get for being the last one.”

Classmate: “Oh…” *tries to situate himself at the desk*

Math Teacher: “Okay, well, we can do… Hmm…” *thinks for a second then walks over to the door combining the two classes, peeking his head in* “Okay, yeah. Here, let’s do this. Help me lift this.”

(They then proceeded to carry the desk all the way across our classroom, plopped it in the class next door, stole another one, and brought it back. The things we witnessed in our math class…)

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