So Much Drama

| UT, USA | Learning | April 7, 2017

(I did tech — lighting, props, set, etc. — in the school theater from seventh grade through my senior year of high school. During my senior year, we had a new drama teacher who often needed help figuring out our auditorium’s outdated light system, and she had me called out of other classes to help set up lights for some upcoming assembly or show. My AP European History teacher, who was usually very happy and enthusiastic, was getting tired of it.)

Secretary: *via Intercom* “Excuse me, [AP Euro Teacher].”

AP Euro Teacher: “Yes?”

Secretary: *via Intercom* “Will you please send—”

AP Euro Teacher: “Wait. Let me guess. You want [My Name].”

Secretary: *via Intercom* “Uh… yes… Will you please send—”

AP Euro Teacher: “[My Name]! Auditorium! Go! Read [pages] in [textbook] for class tomorrow.”

Me: “Yes, sir.”

AP Euro Teacher: “And if you don’t pass the AP test, you can blame [New Drama Teacher]. Tell her I said so.”

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