The Store Is Closing Permanently For You

| Working | May 21, 2017

(My daughter’s first job is at a nearby department store. Many of the locations have been closing around the country. But one would think someone applying for a job would have more sense than this.)

Daughter: *working at the front counter* “Hello, can I help you find something today?”

Man: *who has just come in* “Nah, I have an interview.”

Daughter: “Is it with [Manager]? I’ll call her up.”

Man: “I don’t know. I got an email saying I had an interview. Frankly, I was surprised. I didn’t know any of these stores were still open. I hear they’re closing all over. I’m really surprised this one hasn’t. Does anyone even shop here anymore?”

Manager: *having heard most of what the man said* “Hello, would you like to step back here for the interview?”

Man: “Sure, but is it even worth it? Is this store going to close soon? Does anyone ever shop here?”

(Daughter tells me she never saw the guy again. He must not have gotten the job.)

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