The Situation Ballooned Out Of Control

| Related | January 29, 2014

(It is a boring winter day. Somehow my older siblings and I think it will be fun to throw water balloons at the street behind our fence.)

Sister: “Oh, there are people walking by.”

Brother: “Let’s see if we can hit one of them.”

Sister: “Okay, but be ready to run.”

Brother: “I don’t think I can throw a balloon that far.”

Sister: “Hmmm, how about using this?” *picks up a tennis racket*

Me: “This is starting to feel like a bad idea.”

Brother: “Nah, it’s not. Just be ready to run. Here. I filled it with a lot of water.”

Me: “I’m gonna go hide behind that shed.”

(I walk behind the shed and hear a splash. I decide to walk back to my siblings as I didn’t hear any running. I look over the fence to see a woman just staring at my house. She appears to be dry.)

Sister: *while still holding the racket up* “So…”

Me: “You didn’t realise that the water balloon would pop the moment it got hit by a racket?”

Sister: “Yup.”

Me: “And you thought I was more concerned about getting caught then wet?”

Brother: “Yup.”

Me: “Aren’t you cold?”

Brother And Sister: “Yup.”

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