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The Nurse Needs To Get Ovary Herself

, | Working | April 30, 2015

(I have a LOT of respect for nurses, just not the one I dealt with in this incident. After a week of unusual pain on my left side, I go to the student health center at my university. I explain to the nurse that this is not a normal pain and definitely not menstrual cramps. The nurse palpates my abdomen and then makes her diagnosis.)

Nurse: “It’s probably related to your period. I’d suggest pain killers.”

Me: “I really don’t think it’s cramps or anything. I know what that feels like. This isn’t even in the same place.”

Nurse: “You said you have irregular periods right? It’s probably that.”

Me: “Is there anything else you can do to check? This doesn’t seem normal.”

Nurse: “I can prescribe you extra-strength Midol.”

Me: “Can I talk to the doctor?”

Nurse: *very irritated* “Fine. I’ll be right back.”

(The nurse returns alone.)

Nurse: “The doctor prescribes Midol. Take it twice a day for the next week.”

(I left because I didn’t want to argue and I knew I had a doctor’s appointment coming up in about a month. By the time that appointment came around my symptoms had progressed and the doctor was speechless when I explained the story. She immediately ordered an ultrasound. Long story short: I had ovarian cancer at age 25 and needed surgery… Cramps, my a**!)

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