The Most Important Meal Of The Exam

| Oakville, ON, Canada | Learning | June 1, 2016

(It is the morning of an exam and I am doing some last-minute studying. The exam starts soon, and I want to get some breakfast from the [Coffee Shop] next to me, but the line is long, so I wait and see if it will get shorter. It doesn’t, so I bite the bullet and buy my food, leaving just enough time to dash off to the classroom. I rush in and dump my food, my cup of hot water, and a handful of sugar packets on the table, and start preparing my tea. Though I know the material fairly well, I didn’t start studying until the night before, so I feel somewhat ill-prepared, and my rush to organize my space and get my food ready is making me feel all the more harried.)

Professor: *cheerfully* “Okay! Is everybody feeling ready?”

Me: *facetiously* “No!”

(She looks down at my table, on which sits my cup of tea, cup of oatmeal, apple strudel, water bottle, pen, and pencil.)

Professor: *amused* “You look all set.”

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