The Couple That Slays Together, Stays Together, Part 4

| Romantic | June 16, 2012

(My brothers and I usually play computer games a lot with friends. When we decide to divide into different teams, its usually my younger brother and I against everyone else, as we’re really efficient together. This is my boyfriend’s first time playing with us.)

Me: “So, we’ll probably all go on the same team together and just versus bots.”

Boyfriend: “Aww. I want to kill your brothers.”

Me: “Well, if we play versus it’s going to be me and [younger brother] together on a team versus the rest of you.”

Boyfriend: “But…you don’t want to be on a team with me? Well, fine! I will hunt you down and destroy you! Over and over! I don’t care how many times I die in the process, I will target you and only you!”

Me: “I appreciate you dedication to me, but must it be over killing me?!”


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