The Cold And The Beautiful

| NSW, Australia | Romantic | May 10, 2017

(It’s in the morning and winter has arrived full force. I LOATHE the cold. I find it hard to get up in the morning when it’s too cold and this morning is no exception. I am a 56 kg female and my husband is 109 kgs.)

Husband: “You have to get up sweetheart; you need to go to work.”

Me: *burrowing under covers even further*

Husband: *laughs* “Would you like me to go make you a coffee to warm you up?”

Me: “It’s not fair. Why does the cold not bother you as much?”

Husband: “Because I have layers of fat and you don’t. I’m an insulated whale.”

Me: “I want to be fat.”

Husband: “You are not fat, and you are fine the way you are.”

Me: “But… But… Is there a way I can put fat on for the winter and quickly take it off again?”

Husband: *kissing my forehead* “They are called jumpers, sweetheart. Coffee?”

Me: *dying of laughter*

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