The Caffeinated Dead

| Working | July 11, 2017

(The people working at my local coffee shop are very friendly, and are used to my zombie-like behavior since I come in most mornings.)

Me: *tired and very zombie like* “Coffeeee…”

Barista: “Good morning, Miss [My Name]! I’m guessing you want your usual?”

Me: *tired nod*

Barista: “You’re even more zombie-like than usual; didn’t you sleep last night?”

Me: “Yeah… Mother gave me a sleeping pill.”

Barista: “Ah. That explains it. All right then, one Javalanche, coming right up.”

(Nodding and paying, I go wait for my coffee at the end of the line.)

Barista: *handing me my coffee and one of their muffins* “The muffin’s on me. Enjoy!”

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