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Swearing You Into A Job

| Working | April 14, 2014

(A group of people from work decide to get together at a restaurant down the street after work on Friday. I get out early and have to pick my husband up at the airport a little after dinner. I have my daughter with me. My manager has been working on cutting down on swearing.  It is a running joke among us at work and because my daughter is there, he is REALLY trying to not swear. I just went outside with a couple of other people and come back to hear this:)

Daughter: “… You owe me money.”

Manager: “What?”

Daughter: “You owe me two dollars.”

Manager: “For what?”

Daughter: “You swore.”

Manager: “Wait, I didn’t agree to this.”

Daughter: “You owe me two dollars.”

Manager: “How did this happen? I didn’t agree to that.”

Daughter: “Yes, you did. We had a deal.”

(She reaches over, grabs his hand, and shakes it.)

Daughter: “See, we shook on it. We have a deal. You owe me two dollars!”

Manager: “…”

Manager: “You’re ten, right? Come see me in eight years; I’m giving you a job.”