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Unwarranted Unhelpfulness

| Working | April 13, 2014

(My mom is calling a store’s service desk.)

Customer Service Rep: “Hello, service desk.”

Mom: “Hello. We purchased a microwave last July and it died. We’ve contacted the manufacturers and they are sending us a reimbursement check under the manufacturers warranty. What we wanted to know is if the extended warranty that we purchased can be transferred to the new microwave that we are buying.”

Customer Service Rep: “Well the in-store warranty on the microwave is only 90 days and so if it’s within the 90 day period… You will have to call the warranty company.”

Mom: “Okay. What’s the name of the extended warranty company, or, can I have their phone number, please?”

Customer Service Rep: “It is on your service contract.”

Mom: “We did not get a service contract. When we checked out she asked if we wanted the two year extended warranty. We said yes, and she rang it up, and we left the store. She said nothing about a service contract brochure. She did not hand us anything or tell us to go to the service desk.”

Customer Service Rep: “Oh. Well, she should have sent you to the service desk to pick up a service contract.”

Mom: “Well, she didn’t tell us and we didn’t get one. Could you give me the telephone number of the extended warranty company so I can just call them?”

Customer Service Rep: “I don’t know which company that would be. Did you look on the back of your user manual? It has a phone number there.”

Mom: “Yes, I did. We called the phone number and that is the manufacturer’s phone number and not the phone number for the extended warranty. I would like the number for the folks who handle the extended service contract.”

Customer Service Rep: “You were supposed to get an extended warranty when you checked out. They were supposed to send you to the service desk to pick up an extended warranty and then you can call and register with them.”

Mom: “I understand that, but it never happened. She did not send us to the service desk. We did not pick up an extended warranty.” *pause* “A question?”

Customer Service Rep: “Yes?”

Mom: “This is the service desk, correct?”

Customer Service Rep: “Yes, this is the service desk.”

Mom: “Okay. Do you have the extended warranty brochure at the service desk?”

Customer Service Rep: “Yes, I do.”

Mom: “Could you pick one up?”

Customer Service Rep: “Sure.”

Mom: “Could you please read me the telephone number that is on the warranty


Customer Service Rep: “Oh, sure. The number is [number].”

Mom: “Thank you.”