Surreal-ing The Seven Pees

| Central Coast, CA, USA | Romantic | September 20, 2012

(My boyfriend and I are stuck in a traffic jam leaving a popular beach. The line isn’t moving at all, and we both need to relieve our bladders. He jokes about running down to the ocean to do so before the line moves.)

Me: “But, that’s where they keep the sharks!”

Boyfriend: “In the water?”

Me: “Yeah. In the ocean.”

Boyfriend: “That’s a good place to keep them. It’d be scary if they kept them downtown.”

Me: “That wouldn’t be scary. They’d be dead because they’re fish and they wouldn’t be able to breathe.”

Boyfriend: “But, what if they had helmets with water?”

Me: “They still wouldn’t be able to walk.”

Boyfriend: “But they could roll towards you! They’d still have teeth!”

Me: “How would they bite you with the helmets on?”

Boyfriend: “…I think you win this one.”

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