The Color Purple

| WA, USA | Romantic | September 19, 2012

(My best friend of two years and I finally express our feelings for each other while he is visiting home. We’re really happy and excited to start dating for real when he officially gets back from another state, where he’s doing some job training. I am texting him.)

Me: “Hey, do you like purple Skittles? Because I don’t, and it would be super convenient if you did.”

Boyfriend: “I do. I like all of them, but green and yellow are my favorite.”

Me: “No, those are my favorite!”

Boyfriend: “I’ll fight you for them!”

Me: “You’ll have to!”

Boyfriend: “How do you feel about reds?”

Me: “They’re my third favourite.”

Boyfriend: “We’re going to have problems.”

Me: “Uh oh.”

Boyfriend: “I’m sorry, but this might not work.”

Me: *as if quoting something I am telling someone else* “Well, it was fantastic. But the one thing we couldn’t overcome was our identical taste in Skittles. There just ended up being too much bitterness.”

Boyfriend: “Neither of us could let go of our favorite flavors.”

Me: “And this was our downfall, in the end.”

Boyfriend: “Stopped before it had even started.”

Me: “But you know, it’s good to catch those things early. Saves a lot of heartbreak in the long run.”

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