Suing For Sushi

| Romantic | September 16, 2013

(We are out double dating with another couple. The other girl is a lawyer.)

My Boyfriend: “What do you want to have for dinner?”

Me: “I’m not sure yet. What do you want?”

My Boyfriend: “I love you, so anything you want eat would be fine with me.”

Me: “Hmm… I think I’d like Mexican tonight.”

My Boyfriend: “Okay, as you wish, but I prefer sushi.”

Lawyer Friend: “You told her you’d eat anything she chooses, and after she makes a decision you say you prefer sushi? Isn’t it only giving her the illusion of having a choice, but the final decision still is yours?”

My Boyfriend: *speechless*

Me: “Haha! Thanks babe! I always felt weird that ultimately we ended up at sushi restaurants! Guess he won’t be trying this trick again…” *wink*

My Boyfriend: *mumbles* “I knew we shouldn’t have come out with a lawyer…”

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