Destroyer Of Worlds And Relationships

| Romantic | September 15, 2013

(My boyfriend has recently bought a foot tall Galactus figure for a game he plays. Galactus’ stance is feet apart with one arm raised as if to blast someone. We’re at our respective homes chatting online.)

Boyfriend: “Huh, that was weird. Just looked at Galactus sitting next to my laptop and ‘Stop, In the Name of Love’ popped in my head.”

Me: “Uh…”

Boyfriend: “It’s the way he’s standing.”

Me: “Should I feel threatened by Galactus?”

Boyfriend: “Um… no.”

Me: “Tell him to back off my man?”

Boyfriend: “Lol.”

Me: “I would totally win… okay, no I wouldn’t. He’s Galactus.”

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