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Staying With You Periodically

| Related | May 1, 2017

(I’m fourteen in this story, and staying over at my dad’s house because it’s his weekend. Being an extremely clumsy person, and bookish to boot I’m not a fan of exercising though I do like being outside. My dad, on the other hand, is a health nut who is very buff and is trying to convince me to get off the couch where I’m curled up in pain, so I can come run uphill with him, which is his new passion.)

Dad: “Come on, [My Name], exercise is the fountain of youth!”

Me: “Dad, I’m on my period. I’m not running up hills with you.”

Dad: *in a tone of disbelief* “Every time I see you you’re on your period!”

Me: *already irate, I get angry instead of bursting into tears* “You see me every other week. I get this once a month. Therefore every other time you see me I will be BLEEDING into my underwear, trying not to vomit!”

(He started keeping extra pads at his house after that!)

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