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The Cats Out Of The Room

| Related | April 30, 2017

(I’m sitting in my room until sister burst into my room asking if I have seen our cat.)

Me: *looking around* “Weird. He was in my room just a minute ago.”

Sister: “Quickly, just look for her.”

(We all start looking high and low to find the cat, worrying if she has run away; she tries to leave the house a lot even though she is told to stay indoors.)

Mom: “Are you sure she hasn’t run away?”

Me: “I’m sure. I’m the one who closed the door behind you when you came in… Wait.”

Sister: “What.”

Me: *runs into the kitchen to grab the cat food and start shaking it* “[Cat]!”

Cat: *walks out of the bathroom three seconds later*

Me: *laughing hysterically* “How come we didn’t think of this earlier.”

(That’s when we decided to use the food to find the cat if we lose her.)

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