Self-Help Checkout

| Working | February 2, 2014

(I usually buy groceries in one supermarket because they have self-checkouts that I can get through much quicker and with less anxiety than regular ones. On this day I’m buying a few items before meeting a friend in the main shopping centre.)

Me: *to attendant* “Excuse me. Could I have a plastic bag, please?”

Attendant: “No.”

(I can tell he’s joking so play along.)

Me: “Ah, please…”

Attendant: “€70…”

Me: “All right.”

(He smiles and hands me the bag. Just as I’m finishing, my friend pops up at the exit and waves at me. We go for a cup of tea and then go back about two hours later to do her grocery shopping, going through self-service checkouts again. I’m used to the scanners so end up scanning everything that my friend hands to me.)

Attendant: *watching me scan* “”You again? Jesus, we should give you a job here!”

Me: “Please do!”

(A minute later, something won’t scan.)

Attendant: “Ah, and now you’re breaking everything! You’re fired!”

Me: *laughing* “Sorry!”

(He always teases me now when I go through self-service. No matter how grumpy I am he always makes me smile.)

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