So Dumm

| Learning | April 16, 2014

(I’m on a school trip to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and we’ve stopped off at the Holocaust Museum. After the tour I go to quick grab a bite at the cafe and I see a girl from my group standing, staring quizzically at the food.)

Me: *waiting behind her*

Girl: *turns to me with a really confused expression and points to a piece of cheese pizza* “You speak German, right? Is this vegetarian?”

Me: “Yes.”

Girl: *points to pepperoni pizza* “What about THIS? It looks vegetarian.”

Me: “No, honey. That’s pepperoni.”

Girl: *looks aghast* “Ugh! I would have never figured that out! Thank you! They should put these darn signs in English, I say! How did you even know that?”

Me: “I’ve been learning German for four years. Handy when you go to GERMANY.”

(She ordered and left the poor cashier looking bewildered. I ordered in German and she gave me a grateful smile. Honestly, learn the language if you go to the freaking country.)

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