Sisters Are Like Chalk And Cheese

| Related | January 16, 2014

(My sister, who never calls me unless there’s an emergency, calls me randomly at college.)

Me: “Hey. What’s going on?”

Sister: “I’m making this meal I saw online, but I can’t seem to find the right cheese for it. Where do you go to get cheese?”

Me: “Umm… Well, it all depends on the type of cheese you need to use. Do you know the name?”

Sister: “Yeah. It’s called Colby and Monterey Jack. I keep looking, but the closest thing I can find is Colby Jack.”

Me: “Sweetie, that is Colby and Monterey Jack…”

Sister: “But it says Colby Jack!”

Me: “It’s the exact same thing!”

Sister: “Well, that’s not what it says!”

Me: Just get it, and you can blame me if it doesn’t taste right.”

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