Should Study What You Say Harder

| Learning | January 28, 2016

(Some classmates from high school and I are about to start college. We’re on a tour of a local campus and get around the discussion of what majors we are going to take.)

Classmate #1: “I was going to take philosophy, but then I thought better of it.”

(A few of us chuckle at the irony.)

Classmate #1: “What?”

Me: “Oh, you were serious?”

Classmate #1: “Yes! Why?”

Me: “Oh, no reason.”

Classmate #2: *chuckling and in on the joke*  “I tried studying history, but it took me ages.”

Me:I tried studying math, but I couldn’t function in class.”

Classmate #2:I tried studying finance, but I lost interest.”

Me:I tried studying archaeology, but it was the pits.”

Classmate #1: *finally getting it* “Oh! Are you quite done?”

Me: “One more! I tried studying theater, but it was too much drama!”

Classmate #1: “I hate you both.”

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