Knows World War Two Too Much

| Learning | January 29, 2016

(I am meeting my World History teacher for the first time in class.)

Teacher: “Okay, this class will start off with World War I and World War II, mainly. You know why? Because I think those are the most influential and interesting wars of human history. Is there anyone in here that knows the basics of either of these wars?”

(I feel a grin spread across my face. I am a fan of an anime that explains the history of the world with cutesy characters. I raise my hand and answer:)

Me: “In World War II, the two main sides were the Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan) and the Allied Forces (Russia, China, France, England, and America). Canada was also a part of the Allied Forces, but they were invisible to the rest of the world and often not credited. Italy was the weakest of the Axis Powers, basically calling Germany for help constantly. ‘GERMANY, GERMANY! FRANCE IS KICKING MY ASS! AND SOUTHERN ITALY IS BEATING ME UP!!’”

Teacher: *blinks and remains quiet*

Me: “The war ended after the Normandy Landings in Europe and the bombings of Japan, with the official dissolution of the Kingdom of Prussia following not too soon afterwards.”

(Class continues as normal for a little bit. The teacher hands me a note half-way through: SEE ME AFTER CLASS. After class…)

Teacher: “You knew an awful lot about World War II…”

Me: *nervously* “Yeah… heh…”

Teacher: *shows computer screen* “I’m guessing that you watch this during your free time?”

(Lo and behold, the computer is pulled up to a wiki page on the exact anime I was referencing earlier in class. Turns out the teacher was a huge fan of the anime too, and owned not only the DVD sets, but also several copies of the original manga!)

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