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Should Have Turned The Other Cheek

| Related | March 13, 2017

(I am 12 and my brother is 9. I should mention that I hate any gore in movies even though I know it’s not real. It scares me a lot since I am sensitive. My mom also disapproves of me watching any fake gore on TV. We’re watching a National Geographic show on TV when my mom comes in.)

Mom: “What’re you watching?”

Me: “Something about some tribes celebrating something. They’re having a parade.”

Mom: “Ok, good. Have fun.” *leaves to do dishes*

(The parade is beautiful until I see a man grab an iron pike and stab himself in the FACE with it! He stabs himself so far in, that the iron pike comes out on the other end! Horrified, I cover my eyes and sob, and my brother starts crying, too. My mom hears and rushes back in.)

Mom: *looks at TV* “Omigosh, what is this?!”

Me: *blubbering* “He just stabbed himself in the face. I don’t know why!”

Mom: *turns off TV* “Disgusting.”

Me: “I hate gore, even though it’s fake, I hate it!”

(Many years later, I realized that it was real blood!)

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