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Should Have Scooted On Over

| Right | May 16, 2017

(We sell scooters out the back of our general store. They range from mobility scooters to larger motorbikes. We have one elderly customer who comes back to look at them several times before this happened.)

Customer: “I’d like to buy this bike.”

Manager: “Sir, it’s a very powerful bike. I think you’d be better off with something a little more gentle.”

Customer: *getting angry* “No! I want this bike! Is it against the law for me to buy it?”

Manager: “No, it’s not against the law, but I’d just advise against it. I think you’d have difficulty controlling it as it is quite heavy.”

Customer: “Are you saying I’m too old to buy a bike?”

Manager: “No, sir, I would just advise you to get a smaller scooter. You may find that this bike is quite dangerous for you.”

Customer: “You have to sell me this bike!”

Manager: “All right, sir. Would you like to buy a helmet as well?”

Customer: “Hmm… how much are they?”

Manager: *quite low price*

Customer: “That much?! I’m not buying one of those!”

Manager: “I really would suggest you buy one if you want to legally take it out on the road…”

Customer: “Fine, fine!”

(A week later, he came back in… with his arm bandaged up.)

Customer: “You need to give me a refund right now!”

Manager: “Uh, sir, what was the problem?”

Customer: “You sold me an unsafe bike! I want my money back!”

(Turned out, the first time he tried to ride the motorbike he lost control and fell off because it was too heavy and powerful for him. The manager ended up giving him a partial refund and paying for the repairs with the rest.)

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