Revenge Is A Disk Best Servered Code

| Leicester, UK | Working | March 18, 2013

(I work as a senior programmer in a average-sized development company with many sections. I’ve been sent over to help another team.)

Me: “So, what is the problem?”

Worker: “There is no problem.”

Me: “So, it’s working?”

Worker: “No, it’s not working. It keeps coming up with an error message.”

Me: “So, what is the error message?”

Worker: “I dunno. I’ve not bothered to read it. I just dismissed it. It must be the software.”

Me: “Let me have a look at it…”

(The worker shows me the code; they’ve made a few simple errors which I then fix. However, the worker disagrees.)

Worker: “You just broke it!”

Me: “Okay, whatever. I’m heading back to my own work.”

(I go on a break. When I come back, my boss has given the worker access to my files.)

Me: “What are you doing?”

Worker: “Deleting your programs because you broke mine!”

Me: “You just deleted every program we have stored!”

(The worker actually attempted to delete every program we had on file and was trying to blame it on me because he was convinced I had broken his program. Luckily, we had them all backed up and he lost his job.)

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