Rendition And Dragons

| Friendly | November 4, 2016

(I run an after-school tabletop RPG club for a group of students aged between 14 and 15. I’ve been GM-ing this campaign for a few months now, and I try to keep the tone light-hearted. One session a student brings his younger brother, aged 11-ish, to the game. After setting him up with a character and going over the rules we return to the campaign. The party has captured and tied up a cultist who had attacked them, and are now trying and failing to get the prisoner to give them information.)

Younger Student: “I get piece of cloth and put it on the cultist’s face, then I pour water from my waterskin over the cloth.”

Me: “Okay… I don’t see what that’s going to accomplish. You get his face a bit wet and…” *slowly dawns on me exactly what his character is trying to do* “Oh, no, are you waterboarding him?”

Younger Student: *cheerfully* Yep!

(Fortunately, the party’s Paladin steps in to put a stop to the torture and I’m able to keep the game moving. After the session finishes I explain to the younger student what is and isn’t appropriate for high fantasy adventure.)

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