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Putting The Lesson On Hold

| Learning | December 15, 2014

(My professor has a policy that if your phone isn’t silenced, and it rings in class, you can dance to the ringtone or she can answer it. If it’s a text, she can reply to the text. During class, her phone goes off.)

Professor: “Was that my phone?” *checks phone* “D*** it. Okay. I should probably be shamed for this, shouldn’t I?”

Classmates: “Yes!”

Professor: “It was my husband, so I’m going to call him. If he picks up, I want you guys to say ‘Hi! You’re interrupting our class!'”

(The professor calls her husband and puts the call on speaker.)

Classmate: “You’re really doing it?”

Professor: “Yup.”

Husband: *picks up phone* “Hi, what’s up?”

Classmates: “Hi! You’re interrupting our class!”

Husband: “Then why did you call?”

Professor: “The cell phone policy in my syllabus. If I’m guilty, I should be treated the same.”

Husband: “Yes, you should.”

Professor: “So I’m calling you so that I can be shamed.”

Husband: “As you deserve to be!”

Professor: “Okay, I’m going to go back to teaching.”

Husband: “Bye, everyone!”

Classmates: “Bye!”

Professor: *hangs up phone* “So what were we talking about? Oh right, regional dialects!” *continues lecturing like nothing happened*

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