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Needs A Tutorial Tutorial

| Learning | December 14, 2014

(Our math class is notorious for having not-so-bright students, and watching them is pretty entertaining…)

Teacher: “All right, we’re moving into the second unit of the year, and we’re going to do a quick tutorial to get us familiar with it.”

(My classmate raises her hand.)

Classmate: “I’m confused. What are we doing two of?

(The teacher gives her a strange look, as no one knows what she means.)

Teacher: “Two… of… what?”

Classmate: “You said you were showing us two things.”

Teacher: “Well, no, I’m going to show you a tutorial. Just one, I believe.”

Classmate: “Exactly what I mean. What is a ‘torial?'”

Teacher: “TUTORIAL, not—”

Classmate: “Exactly! What the heck is a ‘torial” and why do we need two of them?!”

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