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Put That Subject To Sleep

| Related | November 20, 2016

(I am ten, and my brother is eight. We are very naive, and are watching TV with our mom. Our mom heavily monitors what we watch. A commercial for a new movie plays.)

Commercial:Sleeping With The Enemy! Watch it now! In theaters!”

Me: “Sleeping with the enemy? Why would you want to sleep with your enemy? That’s doesn’t make sense.”

Brother: “I know that I wouldn’t want to sleep with my enemy!”

Me: “The only people that sleep together are mommies and daddies. So why, unless… they are enemies?!”

Brother: “I guess so. Still, it would be kinda weird.”

Me: “Mom, what does it mean? Sleeping with your enemy? Why would someone do that?”

Mom: *red faced* “Quiet! Kids shouldn’t know! Turn off the TV now and do your homework! I have to do dinner.”

(Puzzled, we did as she said. Only much much later, I found out why she was so embarrassed.)

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