Present Has Blanket Coverage

| Romantic | December 26, 2015

(I’m a university student and during my free time, I’m crocheting an afghan for my boyfriend for Christmas. My grandmother, who taught me to crochet, is skeptical about my ability to finish it on time since it usually takes me a really long time to finish crocheting projects and Christmas is fast approaching. I’d also like to mention that I attempted to make an afghan of the same pattern for my ex-boyfriend in high school and he never ended up getting it because it took me too long to finish it.)

Grandmother: “I like the colours you used for that blanket.”

Me: “Thanks, I’m making it for [Boyfriend]. I thought the colours worked well together.”

Grandmother: “They do. When did you start making it?”

Me: “Around mid-October.”

Grandmother: “And when do you have to have that finished?”

Me: “By Christmas Eve at the very latest.”

Grandmother: “And you’ve only gotten this far? Christmas isn’t that far away, you know.”

Me: “I know, but I’ll make it. Once my exams are over, I’ll have a few days where I can just spend the entire day crocheting until I’ve finished it.”

Grandmother: *laughs, sarcastically* Sure you will! I’ve heard that before!”

Me: “I will! I have to get this done by Christmas this time!”

Grandmother: “You said that last time. Remember what happened?”

Me: “Yes. I didn’t finish it on time, we broke up, and I got to keep my lovely afghan. It was win-win. But this time I really need finish it on time! To prove that I can do it!”

Grandmother: “Does [Boyfriend] want a blanket for Christmas?”

Me: “I dunno, but he’s getting one!”

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