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Get The Christmas Message Into Your Head(Phone)

| Romantic | December 25, 2015

(I’ve been trying to give my boyfriend very obvious hints for a good Christmas present for weeks at this point. I want new earphones, as the pair I have now are very broken.)

Me: “These keep going in and out! I really, really need a new pair!”

Boyfriend: “Oh?”

(Days later.)

Me: “These earphones suck! I really need a new pair!”

Boyfriend: *nods*

Me: “What sort of earphones are good? I need a new pair.”

Boyfriend: “Dunno.”

Me: “I definitely need a new pair of earphones.”

Boyfriend: “Then buy some…”

Me: “I COULD do that…”

(I then shared the “buy some” story with his colleagues in front of him and we all laughed, himself included, at his lack of attention to the hint. Later…)

Boyfriend: “I don’t know what to get you for Christmas!”

Me: “If you don’t know at this point, I feel sorry for you.”

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