Nurses That Shoot From The Hip

| Working | May 16, 2014

(My mother had just given birth to me, and they are doing all the regular checks.)

Nurse: “I think the baby might have a slight problem with her hips. I’ll just get the doctor to have a look. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about.”

Doctor: *without examining me* “Oh for goodness sake, she’s fine. You’re that nurse that thought the baby this morning had Downs’ because it was ugly.”

Nurse: “With all due respect, the baby this morning exhibited many facial characteristics consistent with Downs’ Syndrome. This baby is showing signs of clicky hips. Please, just humour me.”

Doctor: “No. I’m the doctor here. You’re just a nurse.” *to my mother* “There is nothing wrong with your child.”

(I’m now 21 and waiting for surgery to repair damage caused by not having this condition dealt with at birth.)

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