Not What I Orde(Red)

| Working | June 16, 2015

(I order a cranberry, chicken, and camembert pizza online from a fast food pizza place nearby. When the pizza is received the ‘sliced roast chicken breast’ is bright red, not white, and is clearly covered in some sort of spicy coating. I call up to query this and get this issue resolved.)

Worker: “Welcome to [Company]! How can I help you?”

Me: “Hi, I just purchased a cranberry, chicken ,and camembert pizza online and when I received it I noticed the chicken is bright red and seems to be coated in peri peri or cajun or something. Is this the normal chicken that is supposed to be on the pizza?”

Worker: “No, the chicken is supposed to be sliced roast chicken breast. However, we are out of this so just changed it to cajun chicken instead.”

Me: “If you are out of the proper chicken why didn’t you call me to make sure that the replacement option is ok? I may not be allergic to spices but if this was served unknowingly to someone who was this could be incredibly dangerous!”

Worker: “It would be okay if the person was allergic to spices. The cajun chicken doesn’t have spices on it. It’s just cut from another part of the chicken!”

Me: “…It’s bright red… I’m not aware of any part of the chicken that is naturally bright red… I’m not sure what kind of chicken you have been eating but chicken is called white meat for a reason. If bright red natural chicken is normal for your store, you may want to locate a new supplier for your chicken.”

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