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Not Just The vegetables Getting Steamed

| Working | October 2, 2016

(We have items on our tills we are supposed to try and sell to every customer. It is the end of my shift and my manager is standing beside me while I finish my last transaction so he can take my till when I’m done.)

Customer’s Companion: *notices the chocolate bar that is this week’s up sell item* “Hey, [Customer], have you seen these? Eight for £1. Do you want some?”

Customer: “They don’t taste the same as they used to, plus, you know I’m trying to eat healthy now.”

Me: *knowing she’s not going to buy the chocolate and thinking on my feet* “In that case can I ask if you saw the deals on our steam vegetable packs? Three for £1.”

(The customer asked where they were and went to grab six packs while I finished the rest of the transaction. After she and her friend left, the manager and I went to the back where, after we sort my till out, I got a verbal warning, because I didn’t ask the customer if she wanted eight chocolate bars for a pound, even though she just said she didn’t. The fact that I sold her £2 worth of stuff she wouldn’t have bought normally didn’t count, apparently. I was told that if I was observed failing to ask again I would be written up. I left soon after.)

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