Not Impressed With Who You’re Trying To Impress

| Related | July 6, 2015

(I overheard this gem while shopping; I’m assuming it’s a father and daughter.)

Dad: “You don’t need all this makeup. You’re beautiful the way you are and whoever he is will like you regardless.”

Daughter: “Excuse me? I do not wear makeup to impress boys. How can you say that?”

Dad: “Come on, it’s a well-known fact that girls wear makeup to hide how basic and average they are. But you don’t need that; you have natural beauty.”

Daughter: “Believe it or not, women do wear makeup for themselves. They don’t do it just for other’s satisfaction. Besides, most men will jump on anything that has tits and a vagina; girls though, have higher standards.”

Dad: “…”

Daughter: “I’m trying to impress a girl.”

Dad: “…”

Daughter: “At some point you’re going to have to accept that I’m a lesbian.”

Dad: “Did someone say we needed milk?”

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