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Lunching The Hobbit Way

| Related | July 5, 2015

(My parents have left me home alone, as my grandmother is going into a care home. My mum is sorting her flat out to sell it and I have to revise for A Levels. I am notorious for forgetting to eat once I’ve started working, so my mum often calls to make sure I remember. This conversation happens over text:)

Me: “Hey, guess what? I ate lunch!”

Mum: “Yay!”

(A couple of hours later, I get hungry again, and since my ‘first lunch’ was quite small, I make more food.)

Me: “Hey, guess what? I ate lunch again!”

Mum: “Yaaaay!”

(It’s nearly six pm and I get hungry again.)

Me: “Hey, guess what? I ate lunch again!”

Mum: “Okay, too much lunch now.”

Me: “You’re supposed to say ‘Yaaaay!'”

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