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Not A Very Wise-Owl

| Related | September 2, 2016

(My family is at the park, eating and playing water games. There’s a wooden owl tied to the ceiling in the pavilion as a pigeon deterrent. There aren’t any pigeons there, but the rafters are covered in poop, so it’s obvious that they’ve been a problem.)

Mom: “What’s that for?”

Sister: “It’s to keep pigeons away.”

Mom: “But don’t they put cameras in them?”

Me: “Probably not. Wooden owls are used to scare birds. They don’t work places like the apartment complex I used to live in, but sometimes they work in other places. I’ve seen fake owls on billboards.”

Sister: “It looks like birds here risk it to get the food, but the owl is supposed to scare them.”

Mom: “Are you sure? I’ve heard about people putting cameras in them.”

(At this point, my sister and I stopped trying to convince my mom that nobody was spying on us with a very cheap wooden owl.)

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