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Nobody Likes Being Seconds Guessed

| Working | April 18, 2013

(I’m a newspaper reporter and am interviewing a new store owner about their business.)

Me: “What lines or quality of clothing do you sell?”

Owner: “We buy seconds from [high end chain] and sell them to women seeking high quality for less money…”

(A few hours after story is published, my boss speaks to me.)

My Boss:  “The owner of the new store came in to complain that you printed that he was selling [high end store] seconds.”

Me: “Yes, that is what he told me. I did not think it was anything bad or damaging.”

My Boss: “Well, don’t worry about it…”

(48 hours later, my boss speaks to me again.)

My Boss: “Our ad sales guy talked to that store owner. The owner told him that within a couple of hours after the story came out, his store was swamped with women wanting to buy the [high end store] seconds. They sold out of merchandise in 12 hours.”

Me: “I don’t suppose the owner will call and apologize for prematurely b****ing?”

My Boss: “Probably not!”

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