A Les-son In Trans-gressions

| Working | April 17, 2013

(A little girl walks up to the counter with a handful of cards.)

Little Girl: “Excuse me! Miss, I have a question.”

Cashier: “What is it, sweetheart?”

Little Girl: “Well, my best friend’s moms just got married and I want to give them a card, but none of these are right.”

Cashier: *looks at cards* “What do you mean? They all have happy couples on them.”

Little Girl: “But none of them have two girls. I can’t give them a card with a guy on it. That’d be insulting.”

Cashier: “…Two women?! Young lady! Homosexuality is a sin! You should be ashamed for promoting it!”

Little Girl: “But I just want to give them a card.”

Cashier: “They don’t need any cards, those monsters! Polluting the minds of innocent children like you!” *snatches cards away* “I won’t sell you anything if it’s for those heathens!”

(The little girl looks close to tears. A young woman, probably early twenties walks up to her. The little girl throws herself at the woman.)

Woman: “Hey, what’s wrong? I thought you were going to find a card for Lisa’s parents.”

Little Girl: *in tears* “She said that Lisa’s mommy’s were heathens, and a bunch of other mean stuff!”

Woman: *to the cashier* “Who asked for you opinion exactly?!”

Cashier: “No wonder the girl’s so messed up. Teen mothers are going to h*** along with the f**s!”

Woman: “Not that it matters, but one, she’s my sister, two, I’m sterile, and three, there is nothing wrong with my sister. She is a brilliant little girl, while you’re just a bigoted b****.”

(The cashier opens her mouth, but the woman cuts her off.)

Woman: “Furthermore, the women she’s buying the card for probably do more good in the world than you ever have or will. But don’t worry, it doesn’t stop there, you cranky old woman. I will be coming back and reporting you to your manager because you don’t deserve to be seen in public.”

(She picks the girl up, and shows the cashier an engagement ring.)

Woman: “And, just to push your buttons even more, I’m engaged to a trans man, and he is better than you could ever hope to meet or get.” *waltzes out*

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