No Need To Get Crabby

| Working | June 7, 2013

(I work in the meat and seafood section of my store. Our most popular item by far is snow crab leg clusters, which hundreds of customers buy each week. Today, our delivery truck is running late and we have run out of the crab legs, but we have been assuring customers all day that the shipment will come in any minute.)

Supervisor: “The truck is here!”

Me: “Oh, good. That means it’s crab time.”

Supervisor: “Get on the intercom and tell everyone the shipment came in. I’m going to unload the truck.”

(At this moment, a customer walks up, so I tell my coworker to handle it.)

Me: “Hey, [coworker], the truck just got here. Could you get on the intercom and make an announcement that we got the crab legs in?”

Coworker: “Sure.”

(He picks up the phone and dials the extension for the intercom.)

Coworker: “Attention, [store] shoppers! We have crabs! And we’re just itching to sell them to you! So come on back to the butcher block!”

(The customer and I stare at him with our mouths hanging open. Just then, the store manager’s voice pipes in over the intercom.)

Store Manager: “[Coworker], REPORT TO THE FRONT OFFICE!”

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